Our experience as a leading electronics company results in successful products.

At ELANG ENGINEERING we strive to consolidate our clients’ products and ensure they are optimized, whether it be launching new equipment before ramping up to mass production or at later stages of the cycle.


Operational proposals and alternative designs are a way of optimizing costs in terms of raw materials and production processes, strengthening the supply chain, assuring product quality, complying with required specifications and ensuring long-term reliability.

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We have an in-depth understanding of the past and future challenges of the electronics component market. Our high purchasing volume allows us to get ahead, anticipating opportunities and solutions which we then pass on to our clients. This includes optimizing acquisitions, advice in the selection of components and alternatives, speeding up time to market, foreseeing obsolescences, and avoiding global supply costs.

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As a partner in the most demanding sectors, where precision and robustness are required, product reliability and long-term maintenance are all-important. For that reason, several areas of the company continuously monitor products, contributing quality and manufacturability improvements and keeping them up-to-date and optimized.